Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy pride

I can't believe I got sick on Pride day.  Woke up coughing this morning, bleah.  Aren't my powers supposed to be stronger on this my people's special day?  Oh, well.  I probably wouldn't have done the parade anyway.  I was in Queens feeling miserable.  I wonder if it had to do with making out with Ben yesterday?  He was so adorable!   

I gave three four guys my phone number in the past two weeks.  Two of them I know somewhat, one I was cruising in Club Monaco, and one is a singer whose interviews always crack me up.  None of them called me.  When things like that happen, it makes me remember why I used to drink.  Luckily, I'm jaded by now, and pretty satisfied with being alone.  Still, yesterday I went over my clothing allowance by two t-shirts, so I can't have been feeling very emotionally stable.   
I have been a terrible blogger of late, and I have been an even worse creative writer.  I will post more soon, I swear.  : )