Friday, November 27, 2009

Slobber on the neck

What a good sport Oliver is! I wanted to blog about the Gee Henry / Sarah Hall / Richard Milward show so that my cousin Alyse would feel bad that she didn't get there on time. And I wanted to make her jealous, too. So I slobbered on her boyfriend's neck! He's a good person, with a good sense of humor. I'm still wearing Helmut Lang in this picture. I don't remember what Oliver was wearing, but I hope it went well with slobber.

Seen in the audience at a Richard Milward/Sarah Hall reading

I decided to come out of retirement and play a couple of songs as "Gee Henry" at a British-themed Richard Milward/ Sarah Hall reading. Here were three ladies in the audience. I won't give their names, because I work with them, but I love them! I want to hang out with them after-work, but my one invitation thus far, to a dance thing at Juilliard, illicited no replies from any of the three ladies. I will keep trying, though. As a publicist, and as a middle-aged man in the gay mileu that is NYC, I am quite accustomed to rejection! The reading was held at the Slipper Room, a venue that is heavy on burlesque performances. As a nod to the venue's history, I wore a black, see-through shirt made by Helmut Lang. (I've had that shirt for ten years and have only worn it twice! What price, haute couteur?). And what a strange evening it was. I chose to sing two songs about topics that I and the authors share a fascination for: drugs and skin. And I refrained from over-sharing about my people (the Antiguans) long and complicated relationship with the British, which was probably for the best.

My new best friend

Yolanda and Cherita took me to Cafeteria for my birthday, and there I met my new best friend. I forgot his name already, but all I have to do is return to work in a week and I'll see it on the card he gave me. I think he works for a watch company. I will email him a link to his post, and then he will be mine, he will be mine forever. We'll play with each other's respirators in the gay nursing home in our future. He was such a queen, but I do love that so! I'm not one of those gays who seeks out masculine (read: no personality) gays to befriend. Most of my dearest friends are ladies, and my mother was my first role model, so of course I seek out ladylike men in my adulthood. As long as they are poorer than me, that is. Nothing is more annoying than a ladylike man dripping with jewels and finery, outshining my own ruined grandeur. Anyway, my new best friend's tablemates had no boundaries, just like me, so our tables became one. On this day after Thanksgiving, my prayer for the world is that all its tables become one, world without end, amen. :)

Thomas's shoes

Have you ever befriended someone who was so NICE that they made you feel evil, by comparison? Well, I have. Case in point, my friend Thomas. These are his shoes. I was spending a significant amount of time stalking him at his place of work, just trying to bask in his niceness - as a sort of vacation from my usual evil thoughts, evil ways. I lurked on his Facebook page and noted with great interest the images of him in the arms of another fellow. Finally, with great trepidation, I asked him if he was into the young ladies or the young fellows. Not because I wanted to be considered, mind you (I'm too evil), but just so that I could feel bad that I was missing out. Turns out, I'm not missing out! He's into the young ladies. Can't you tell from his shoes? (See? I'm evil. :)) At dinner recently, he told me, wisely, that he wasn't interested in casual sex with the ladies because then there wasn't a connection. I was baffled by this. Baffled! I mean, isn't that the point?!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My novel

Did you know I was working on a novel? Did you care? I decided earlier in the year that, whenever I feel like saying something inappropriate, I would write a page in my novel instead. I have 135 pages now! This is me tap-tap-tapping away on my tale of a young man who moves to California and goes on a diet - both from food and from people. I was calling it "The Omnivore," but everyone keeps warning me that that title brings up too many associations with Michael Pollan now, so I'm all ears if you have an alternate suggestion? I'm wearing Woolland in this picture - it's not my typical sort of blouse, but it was on sale.