Thursday, August 28, 2008

Citizen clothing

A million years ago, when I lived in San Francisco, I was walking down Castro Street and passed Citizen Clothing. A young salesman inside gave me "the eye" as I walked past, so, as anyone would do, I walked inside and applied for a job. Surprisingly, given my dearth of retail experience, I was hired. I had to lie on my resume, of course, and even had my best friend pretend to be a former boss when they called for a reference. And I stole, stole, stole at that job. I stole all my Christmas presents that year, and I stole a watch and many other items, none of which I still have (except for a white belt that makes me look like a trifling man).

During my recent trip to SF, I walked into Citizen and purchased this greenish shirt, without even trying it on. That's my penance for my months of theft at Citizen Clothing - now, whenever I go to SF, I will buy some ugly item without even trying it on. Just to give them some support.

That young salesman became my second boyfriend, Josh. To this day, Josh is the only guy I've ever had a sexual relationship with where I didn't have sex with him the first time we met. I remember once, after sex, I looked him in the eye and said, "I know that was good for you, Josh, but was it good for the Jews?" (He is Jewish). He didn't say anything in reply, but now he and his current boyfriend go to synagogue together, and have been together for years and years. I'll probably throw this shirt out by next summer.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mary Jo

Ran into my neighbor Mary Jo. She wanted me to blog about her outfit, so here I am doing so. I like what she has on, especially the skirt, which is something I would wear, if I wore skirts. Mary Jo told me about her ants, which didn't sound so bad to me, and she showed me her diary, which has pages and pages of writing per day. I told her she was crazy for writing in such detail about her days, which she didn't deny. I was just jealous, though. I'm surprisingly reticent both in my own diary and on my blog. As for the ants, the prayer I said for her that day seems to have worked, as she now just has a roach. The Lord, much like skirts, works in mysterious ways.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Me and Chad kissin'

Me and Chad were kissin' on the street. Well, not really, but you know ... I was wearing my spiffy new blue pegged Hickey pants, and a yellow tee-shirt with a bluebird on it, bought at Camouflage from the irrepressible Tony. The pants were not just pegged, they were ankle-busting ... I had to remove the drawstring, even. The lengths to which I'll go to look good. : )