Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Breeders tee and Zon

I was rounding my corner, wearing my Breeders tee, about to launch into some adventure for the evening when I noticed a woman on a bicycle, riding in what seemed to be a hurry to reach some all-important, life-altering destination. I looked to see what she was riding towards, realized it was the Popeye's, and then looked closer at the woman. It was Zon! My old friend! I said hello, and she was immediately mortified that I had noticed her in her panicky rush for delicious fried chicken. So I let her know (almost immediately) that I, too, am an almost-nightly visitor to Popeye's.

My reasoning is this: although I go to the gym and all that, there's nothing wrong with eating one leg and one thigh of Popeye's spicy recipe as my last meal of the day. (Obviously, I discard the biscuit). After all, there can't be that many carbs in fried chicken, right? I have made the mistake in the past of purchasing a bucket of fried chicken because it is cheaper to buy a bucket, but then usually I sit down in my apartment and eat the whole bucket, weeping.

Back to Zon. One of the most charming things about Zon is that, when she learns that you are a fan of the same thing she is, she immediately gets excited and begins speaking about hidden aspects, subtle undertones of the item, pulling you headlong into a serious discussion of something you might not have ordinarily formed serious opinions of. When we bonded over a mutual love of the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," for example, she somehow talked me into flying to Toronto with her to attend a convention at which Amber Benson would be in attendance. When "Buffy" went off the air, she pushed me to read various comic books and "fan fictions" about the show's characters, who apparently have fates so varied and fans so rabid that they have all had solo adventures without Buffy. "But I don't want to get that into Buffy," I demurred.

It was funny that I was wearing the Breeders tee, because I bought that tee at a Breeders show that I went to with her - along with Leviathen. During the show, Leviathen turned to me and asked, "Isn't there supposed to be one blond one and one brunette?" Then, he answered his own question: "No, that's Heart." I was immediately very impressed with his comedic stylings on that one, and have for years been looking for an occasion to use that joke myself. None has arisen.

On my corner, Zon began to launch into a discussion of some of the more obscure items on Popeye's's menu, some items that perhaps even Popeye's employees might be mystified to learn were options, and my eyes began to glaze over. "I will see you soon!" I cried. "At the Wild Flags show!!!" I love you, Zon.

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