Sunday, June 28, 2009

Second boyfriend

My second boyfriend (and the only one worth speaking to) Josh came in from San Francisco, and managed to squeeze me into his busy schedule. He is a busy man, on the move! I took him to Billy's Bakery on 9th Avenue, and we were on line, waiting to be served. We had just been discussing, for some reason, the characteristics of his people, the Jews, when a member of the Billy's staff announced that free samples were being given out of a particular dessert. Joshie exclaimed, "samples!" and honed in on them with a terrifying speed. I was so embarrassed for him! I looked away discreetly.

Sitting down, I told Joshie that his character in my novel-in-progress, THE OMNIVORE, was a Trekkie. By making that character a Trekkie, I was really making fun of Joshie's clothing at the time we were boyfriends. He used to wear tight polyester sweaters with designs on them, such as the crew of the Starship Enterprise might wear. He told me that he used to buy those sweaters at Aardvark, but now he doesn't wear used clothing. I asked him where his outfit had come from today. Apparently, the shirt was from Singapore, the jeans from Israel, the socks from Japan, and the underwear from I forget where - the moon, perhaps. He has become so international! And I? What have I become?

No matter! Joshie looked as foxy as ever (even more so, perhaps) and I offered to "plow his hole" if he needed it to be plowed that day. He wisely demurred, and we went our separate ways, me to itemize my days' purchases, he to lurk about in Chelsea. Lurk on, Joshie! : )

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