Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Me and Cherita and Yolanda at Westville

Cherita came back into town, and we went with Yolanda for my birthday lunch! Okay, this lunch was several months late, but I'm so happy we're keeping this tradition going even though Cherita lives in LA part of the year now. Since our last birthday meal (Yolanda's, in September) Cherita has moved, Yolanda has moved on, and someone has moved in with me, just temporarily. We went to Westville, my new favorite restaurant. Sam, the elfin busboy I have taken a growing but doomed interest in, was not working that day. Oh, well. He probably got a new book of spells, or was at the podiatrist getting his cloven hoof sanded. Elves are so cute! In this picture, Cherita is wearing a hat she made herself, Yolanda is wearing curve-hugging couture, of course, and I'm still working last year's Diesel coat, bought on sale at Overstock.com, but still mildly fierce. Rock it!

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