Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Me and Edwidge

I volunteered to work at this past weekend's Brooklyn Book Festival, and, to my surprise, Edwidge Danticat - among my favorite writers! - was strolling around! I love her so much!!!! I went up and told her about how, when my sister's ex-husband was dying of cancer in a hospice - and didn't have anything to read in his final days - I was able to reach in my backpack and give him a copy of KRIK? KRAK! I realized as I was telling that story that it was awkward and sad, but Edwidge, no stranger to sorrow herself, just smiled. She was wearing a black blouse, with a nice maroon sweater over it, and I was wearing a pink French-cuffed shirt rolled up at the sleeves, to hide the French cuffs (I bought them by mistake at the Warehouse Sale - I am not a fan of French cuffs!). All my friends know that I hate Brooklyn, but I'm really glad now that I braved muggings and train outages to venture into the Borough that God Forgot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why am I here?

Alyse wanted to go to see "The Painter Max Francis" at Anthology Film Archives, and I blithely agreed, inviting Luther and Paula, too. Never again! They didn't sell tickets online or on the phone, so I had to go to the theater early, in case it sold out! There was a line of people outside waiting already, so I had to join the line, and wait in the rain, like a gypsy. People will tell you that I HATE NYC lines! What's the point? If there's a line, I'm too old to be on it. Finally, 15 minutes before the movie was to start, they deigned to open the doors. But not to friendliness or customer service! Everyone who worked there was born in Williamsburg, and they didn't even sell concessions! I had to run to the deli for some popcorn (which Paula hid from me during the movie). Then, an insufferable q&a. Never again, Alyse. And just look at the crowd! All those people, and not a drop of makeup! But I was intrigued by Max Francis's explanations of Jungian psychoanalysis, and I did order a book on Amazon on the topic. So maybe soon my life will start over and I will learn to love again. Not likely, though! :)


Alyse had an operation! And she guilted me into buying her some crutches, and hand-delivering them to her apartment. I had never seen anyone pair a cast with short-shorts, so I took a picture, so this moment could last forever. In a few short months, Alyse will probably be pregnant and fat, and I'll certainly be long dead. This is us outside the Slipper Room, after just having seen the lovely Della Dare perform. Paolo was there, too, but then he threw a hissy fit about walking with a crippled girl, and broke out. Fuck him! Midori joined us, and we saw "Ponyo," and I gave my card to a cutie at the theater. He did end up emailing me, but only about publishing jobs! Run, girl, run - as fast as you can, I emailed him. Presumably, he did, as I never heard back. Oh, well - you can't trust a guy who goes to see a cartoon alone. Just like it says in the Bible.

Alyse and Oliver

The lovely Alia was in town, and we went to the Rodeo Bar with her brother David, his flirtatious friend Chris, and Alyse and her new boyfriend Oliver. This isn't a great picture at all, but I was so taken that night with Alyse's and Oliver's beauty that I had to try to capture the moment. Truly, they are the hottest couple in NYC. And he's perfect for her! Sweet, handsome, and semi-reliable. Sort of the anti-thesis of her last boyfriend, Christopher (whom I introduced her to!). But he is from Maine, which is sort of an afterthought state. And he is as hairy as the drain filter in the Harlem Globetrotters' locker room bathtub, although Alyse has many times tried to convince me that he's only hairy on his chest. As if I don't have eyes! That kid could be skinned for fur by Fendi. There is something dreamy about him, though, and often when I hang around with them, I imagine what his hairy nuts would feel like in my palm. In this picture, Alyse is wearing some pastiche she assembled, probably mostly from Forever 21 (I myself shop at Forever 41), and Oliver is wearing a pastel-colored tee.